Breakfast Menu

Cous Cous, Orange, Chia Seeds, Acai Berries, Honey, Yoghurt

Honey Roasted Oats, Seeds & Nuts, Quark Yoghurt and Seasonal Fruit

Eggs Cooked Your Way, Buttered Sourdough Bread, Avodcado

Blueberry Pancakes, Canadian Maple Syrup and Double Cream

Omelette, Smoked Salmon, Goat’s Curd and Petit Herbs

Belgian Waffles, Maple Glazed Bacon, Forest Berries, Crème Fraiche

Croque Madame, Smoked Ham, Fontina, Fried Egg, Strawberry Jam

Corned Beef, Sunny Side Eggs, Potato, Capsicum & Onion Hash

Flamenco Baked Eggs, Chorizo, Tomato, Cheso Fresco

Toast: Wholemeal, Rye or Fruit Loaf

Toppings: Vegemite, Strawberry Jam, Peanut Butter, Orange Marmalade

Additional Treats: Add to your breakfast:

Bacon; Mushrooms; Sauteed Spinach; Roasted Tomato; Smoked Salmon;

Luncheon Menu

Something to Start

Coffin Bay Oysters, Wasabi Aioli, Seaweed Crisps (GF)

Tuna Ceviche, Jalapeno Slaw, Avocado, Soy Ginger Vinaigrette (GF)

Sardines, Pan Fried, Sourdough Toast, Onions, Currants, Parsley

Duck Pot Stickers, Steamed, Homemade Chilli & Ginger Sauce (HOT)

Beef Brisket Croquettes, Guacamole, Pico de Gallo

Falafel, Hummus, Tabouleh, Labneh [V GF]

On The Run

Quattro Formaggio, Mozerella, Stilton, Romano, Goats’ Cheese (V)

Mexican Calzone Pizza, Porterhouse Strips, Chilli, Garlic, Mozzerella

Nepoletana Pizza, Kalamata Olives, CUCA Anchovy Fillets, Oregano

BLT Sandwich, House Cured Bacon, Heirloom Tomato, Avocado

Pulled Pork, Brioche Bun, Truffle Polenta Chips, Slaw, Hickory BBQ Sauce

Ox Tongue, Pan-Fried Brains, Proscuitto, Celeriac, Remoulade (GF)

Charcuterie, House-Cured Meats, Olives, Pickles & Bread [GF]

Tortellini, Celeriac, Macadamia, Mascarpone, Sage, Burnt Butter [V]

From the Land and Sea

Barramundi, Beetroot, Radicchio, Feta Capers, Salsa Verde (GF)

Mussels & Pipis, Lemongrass, Coconut Milk, Kaffir Lime Leaf (GF)

Seared Tuna, Potato & Cucumber Salad, Black Bean Dressing (GF)

Dry Aged Sirloin, Speck, Sprouts, Chestnuts, Beetroot Horseradish [GF]

Pork, Figs, Sage, Roast Spring Vegetables, Madeira Glaze (GF)

Lamb, Sumac, Baba Ganoush, Pomegranate, Eggplant Crisps (GF)


Polenta, Truffle Chips (GF, V)

 Kale, Smoked Almond Vinaigrette (GF, V)

Potatoes, Rosemary, Sea Salt (GF, V)

Cheese Selection

Section 28, Mt Priscilla Morbier Style, Adelaide Hills

Woodside McLaren Camembert Style, Adelaide Hills

Comte, 18 Month, Hard Cheese, France

Mons Fourme D’Ambert, Blue Vein Cheese, France

Spicy & Sweet

Mousse, Vanilla, Cherry Jelly, Chocolate Dome, Sherbet (GF)

Pear, Pistachio, Raisin, Milk Sorbet, Ginger Crumb, Saffron Liquid (GF)

Tiramasu, Deacidated Amber Ale, Lady Fingers, Mascarpone, Chocolate

Cake, Tertre Du Lys d’Or Sauternes & Manzanilla Olive Oil, Citrus Glaze

Homemade Ices & Sorbets (ask staff for daily selection)